Sharon Mijares, Ph.D.

Sharon began her education on the breath in 1984, beginning with the practice of Rebirthing, which was a large movement at that time, especially in California.  From the beginning , she noted how emotional memories came from various places within the body.  She realized that no one had ever been able to identify where the mysterious “unconscious” was located. Sharon experienced deep spiritual feelings and visions. While 1984 was a most difficult year for her, she sailed through it, thanks to the healing power of breathwork. During that time, she participated in individual sessions once a week, small group sessions once a month, and very large groups quarterly.  Her life began to change.  Thus, began her research into the mind-body-spirit relationship.  Sharon immersed herself in this healing breath practice and was certified as a breathworker a few years later.

In 1988 she received instruction on how to breathe through the chakras and became quite adept at moving energy in a circular direction through the etheric body, while clearing and activating chakras. This practice, which she  performed  twice a day for 30 minutes each session, led to numerous openings, including immense heat in the power center.

In 1989 Sharon began practicing Holotropic Breathwork in the Oakland-Berkeley area.  This continued for a few years, including over 200 hours  of supervised, clinical training in this powerful form of breathwork.  During that time she received her first certification in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, during which she created a way to blend breath and guided trance work. Upon reading a paper that Sharon had written that described her combining these two healing modalities, her instructor saw that this new modality was quite unique, and thus could not be called either Holotropic Breathwork or Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.  Later, Sharon would use this new therapy with individual psychotherapy clients.

During that same period, Sharon completed her Master’s work; her thesis was titled, The Healing Power of the Breath: Research Into Eastern, Middle Eastern, and Western Breathwork.

Her doctoral research/dissertation was titled Fragmented Self, Archetypal Forces, and the Embodied Mind, through which she researched the manifestations of these forces coming through the body and mind, as initiated through breathwork. This work was primarily focused on the healing of trauma and dissociative processes – moving toward wholeness.

In 2009, Sharon’s book, The Revelation of the Breath: A Tribute to Its Wisdom, Power, and Beauty, was published.  The book was a collaborative effort, bringing together numerous experts from Eastern, Western, and Middle-Eastern traditions, and expanded on her earlier master’s thesis work.

In short, the breadth and depth of Sharon’s breathwork experience and expertise are extensive, and encompass a great variety of practices related to healing breath, including in-depth training from Raja Choundary in Kriya Yoga practices for awakening Kundalini.

Sharon is a member of a Sufi order that teaches profound breathing practices.  She has also been a member of the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN), established by Stan and the late Christina Grof in the late 1980’s.  Sharon interned with SEN in 1990-1992 and has remained a practitioner on their referral list.

Thirty-five years of personal experience with breathing processes has offered a tremendous amount of training; this background includes 29 years of providing individual and group sessions in healing breathwork.

 Breathing Toward Wholeness evolves from decades of training in the area of the healing and the incredible power of our breath.

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